Keep enjoying dairy products, without compromising.

Neither on pleasure nor on the environment...
It's possible!

At Bon Vivant, we are rethinking the way milk is produced so that dairy industrials can make sustainable dairy products, while maintaining their incomparable quality and taste.

We combine French know-how with the principle of fermentation to create milk proteins sustainably so our clients can then turn them into the delicious dairy products we all love, without using animals. Pleasure without compromise.

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We love good dairy products, but not their impact on our health, our animals and our planet.

That's why we develop our proteins which allow to produce dairy products:

Lactose and
 cholesterol free

We are bon vivants but we take care of ourselves

without animals

But with the same taste and nutritional qualities as traditional production

Respectful of
our environment

Their production emits very few greenhouse gases and requires far fewer natural resources such as water.

Humans have been using fermentation for centuries. The principle later developed by Louis Pasteur which allows us to make delicious bread or beer now gives us the possibility of making milk.

We follow 4 steps:


We combine cow DNA with nutritional yeast.


We give water, sugar and nutrients to our yeast.


We recover the milk proteins produced by our yeast.


Our clients from the food industry develop recipes to recreate the dairy products we love using our animal-free milk proteins



What is a bon vivant?

A bon vivant is someone in a jovial mood, who likes to enjoy life and especially the pleasures of the table. Generally, without compromise, without concessions. We want to continue to enjoy our delicious dairy products, while being respectful of animals and the planet.


Where does precision fermentation come from?

This method is a process that we have been using for centuries, and whose scientific understanding was made possible in the 19th century by the French researcher Louis Pasteur. Today, Bon Vivant honors this heritage and develops yeasts that produce milk proteins. Thanks to our yeasts, we produce milk proteins identical to those produced by cows.


Does Bon Vivant's proteins contain hormones or antibiotics?

No, our proteins do not contain hormones or antibiotics. As we do not use animals, we do not find the inputs that are sometimes used in traditional dairy production.


Does Bon Vivant produce milk?

Cow milk is composed of 87% of water, 5% lactose, 4% fat, 3% proteins and some minerals. Us at Bon Vivant we are producing only the milk proteins. So since we don't produce lactose and fat we are not producing milk. But proteins is the cornerstone of nutrition, taste, and texture. So thanks to our proteins food manufacturers are capable of creating delicious dairy products that are great for our health and our planet.

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