Mission and technology

Facing climate emergency, decreasing milk production, and the need to feed an ever-growing population, we have to act now and find solutions to offer sustainable food to as many people as possible while preserving love of good food and our planet.

To understand better the power of precision fermentation and how it can change our world for the better read our white paper. Download here:

Thanks to nutritional yeasts and precision fermentation, we are able to sustainably produce milk proteins. This way our partners from the food industry can turn them into dairy products that taste good and respect our environment.

Today, we produce milk proteins but in the long term we can imagine producing all types of proteins with fermentation. It means that we could continue to produce lots of good products without having to use our planet's precious resources.
Did you say
"How to produce milk without cow?"

Precision fermentation has been used for decades to produce products , whether pharmaceutical (insulin, vitamins, etc.) or food (rennet for cheese or vanillin for making cakes).

We are now able to apply this technology to milk proteins to recreate dairy products similar in all respects to animal-based dairy products.


We combine cow DNA with nutritional yeast.


We give water, sugar and nutrients to our yeast.


We recover the milk proteins produced by our yeast.


We partner with our clients from the food industry to help them recreate the dairy products we love using our animal-free proteins.

Pour quantifier l'impact de notre technologie par rapport à la production laitière conventionnelle, nous avons demandé à des experts indépendants de réaliser une analyse du cycle de vie (ACV) de l'ensemble de notre processus. Les résultats sont très prometteurs avec :

  • une réduction des émissions de gaz à effet de serre de 97%,
  • une consommation d'eau potable en baisse de 99%
  • et une consommation d'énergie réduite de 50% !

Full report and calculation methodology here:

We combine our cutting-edge technology with the know-how of our terroirs to produce all the dairy products we love without impacting the environment and animals!

Science at the service of your taste buds and the environment!